FIRST LOOK! Unboxing The BRAND NEW Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2


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Nike claims the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% ‘delivers measurable benefits to help you run more efficiently while bridging the gap between everyday training runs and racing.’

It’s been designed using insights from the world’s fastest athletes including Eliud Kipchoge and is an upgrade from the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%.

Watch to find out more about this brand new release from Nike, as Kate looks at the design, fit and puts them to the test on a run.

What’s in this video?
00:00 Intro
0:19 Unboxing and Comparison with Nike Vaporfly Next% 1
4:02 Trying On The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2
6:10 The Verdict

↓↓ Will you be getting a pair of these?! Let us know what excites you the most about the NEXT% Tempo in the comments below! ↓↓

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FIRST LOOK! Unboxing The BRAND NEW Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2

download_video >>> https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=U3cwInq1q2o
  1. The Running Channel

    Will you be getting a pair of these?! Let us know what excites you the most about the NEXT% Tempo in the comments below 👇

  2. Kristophany Noble

    I still haven't fully broken in my first pair of vaporflys.

  3. joe03056

    Rumour has it that Nike is already planning the next upgrade – project name: NG Wheelz – instead of the traditional soles, the NG Wheels will be connected to pedals which will turn a wheel behind the runner, with a multi-directional wheel in front of the runner providing unparalleled control of direction. Nike claims that the NG Wheelz "delivers measurable benefits to help you run more efficiently, while bridging the gap between the normal absurd cheating of its earlier models and making long-distance running more accessible for the masses".

  4. Mitchell Atkins

    love how you review it so naturally, Kate, – yay, no reading off notes, well done!

  5. Sjors Houkes

    “I’m not that sad” 👏😄

  6. Toast Bread

    Would love to try these but probably never will. I'm never going to be setting world records and for me I just have the most fun running in minimal shoes. Plus when I set a pb in my vivobarefoots I don't have to think about what % of it came from my shoes!

  7. Alex runner

    I did my first race back yesterday, I saw every nike supershoe in one heat, the 4%, the next % 1 and 2 and the alphafly. I don't understand why because we were only running 2.25km and the guy in the alphafly looked like he was about to fall over on every step.

  8. Nigel Glenister

    Please could you tell me how often should I change my trainers?

  9. Daniel Engel

    I am learning to be a ball striker vs the heal striker i used to be. Hope this helps prevent injury in the future. thanks..love this channel……..

  10. SC Boulder

    The shoes are not worth the money. Here in the US, the cost of the shoe is $280. which is equal to you 209 pound sterling. Nike Alfafly shoe does not hold the marathon record, because it didn't count. People need to stop saying that.

  11. tanya usher

    Great review! Thanks. And how many miles can you get out of the shoe do ya reckon?

  12. The GY Runner

    Let’s hope they bring out a better colour range this time

  13. Posh Gurung

    May I know how much does this cost coach here in the UK?

  14. The Fat Runner

    Great review Kate, always good to have previous model to hand for comparison. No good for me as I would need a support version, fingers crossed they will make one some day.

  15. NV

    Great vid! Maybe Kate does the weekly shoe reviews?

  16. Tim Gosling

    The reason Nike went for the smooth plastic upper material was to keep the water out. Is this flyknit version still waterproof?

  17. Robby Desmond

    I feel like Nike sometimes follows the Intel model of pricing, where the latest and greatest hits at the top of the price range (Alphaflys at 260), and they bump each predecessor down a "bracket" if they're still making it. The Zoom Fly 3 used to be the top of the line at 250, then they dropped to 200 when the Vaporfly 4% came out at 250, then to 150 when the Next% came out at 250, and now that Alphafly is at that 250/260 price, the Next% are down to the 200s, with the Zoom Fly 3 still at the 150/160 price.

  18. 99RML

    "I would have got a PB but my shoes were 5g too heavy"

  19. ROB H

    Just wish they made a wide fit. I’m a 4e in New Balance so these are no good to me unfortunately 😢

  20. JustKeepFlowing yes

    I have the Nike vaporfly next % and I FEEL such a difference while running. It’s crazy how a shoe can literally make you faster and change your stride. Also the plate and striking could help prevent injury’s 10/10 buy for me

  21. Jilly Baxter

    My trainers are Nike Zoom Fly 3 and I love them sooo much. Would you recommend them for Half Marathons/ Marathons if not which Nike shoes would be more suitable with a carbon plate. Thank you in advance Jilly

  22. barry wallace

    Got my birthday discount just as the white ones dropped so they cost me £158 rather than the £210 🤙

  23. Stacy Lamb

    Second review I saw on these. Definitely saving up for these. I adore my Saucony Endorphin Pro and I think I am going to like these as well. Thanks Kate for opinion . You rock! Xx

  24. Steffen Albertsen

    Great video, Kate.
    Do you think the technology makes a PB in these sorts of shoes a bit less impressive, or have you completely accepted that carbon plates and Tower High bouncy soles are here to stay?

  25. Cg Azlan

    Wear and tear also made the older model a bit lighter I think…

  26. moon dude

    Where my barefoot runners at? We don't need support 😤

  27. Michael Schomaker

    Just got my first pair of Peg’s and I love them. Wish a normal person could afford the next %

  28. Stefan Spahn

    Just today i saw someone walking through the mall with the vaporfly next % 2, not sure the person knew what this shoe is for. Vaporfly next % is a very popular shoe in Thailand, also thanks to installment options at 0% interest over 10 months

  29. Aviv gol

    Just bough the original Vaporflys next % a few days ago

  30. Felix Gunawan

    Thank you Kate , very detail info👍👍

  31. kim warner

    The king is dead, Asics meta speed sky has been crowned .

  32. Peter Gibbs

    Good video 👍

  33. Lauren Clarke

    Great video 😀

  34. Gary 65

    I can see where Kate keeps her tea and sugar but the question the nation needs answering is….where does Kate keep her coffee?

  35. Darren Smith

    Are they any good for a half marathon or marathon?

  36. Scooby Sock

    Love the vid guys keep it up

  37. C Chandon Carter