[ENG SUB] 长歌行 第6集 | The Long Ballad EP06(迪丽热巴、吴磊、刘宇宁、赵露思主演)


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导演: 朱锐斌
编剧: 夏达 / 裴雨飞 / 常江
主演: 迪丽热巴 / 吴磊 / 刘宇宁 / 赵露思 / 方逸伦
类型: 剧情 / 古装
制片国家/地区: 中国大陆
语言: 汉语普通话
首播: 2021(中国大陆)
集数: 49
又名: 电视剧版长歌行 / ChangGeXing / Changge Xing


►Synopsis :
In the 9th year of Wude Period of Tang Dynasty, Li Changge, the daughter of the former crown prince, accidentally escaped from the military coup in the palace. During her escape, Changge encountered the secret service agent of a grassland tribe, Ashina Sun, who was under the pseudonym of Qin Zhun. They got to know each other through a fight and their affection grew stronger. Changge smashed a conspiracy in Youzhou. However, at the same time, her identity was revealed, and she went to Shuozhou to escape capture. She hid herself beside Gongsun Heng, the governor of Shuozhou, to help him resist the invasion of the grassland forces, but she did not expect that the enemy general was Qin Zhun. Changge was shocked and distressed to discover Qin’s real identity. However, the situation in Yuzhou is in great danger. In order to gain time for reinforcements, Li Changge negotiated with Sun. For the sake of the overall situation, she was willing to be a prisoner and taken to the grassland. Then she accidentally learned that the Great Khan had an ulterior motive. Changge decided to temporarily put aside her personal vengeance, and risk her life to save the situation. In order to save Changge, Sun disobeyed the order of the Great Khan, but they were far apart from each other after that. After going through the arduous exile, Changge gradually understood the principle of the invincibility of the benevolent, and finally put aside her personal grievances. After discovering that the former forces of Sui Dynasty were the manipulators behind the scenes, Changge and Sun teamed up to protect the peace of Tang Dynasty and the grassland. They finally came to realize their deep affections towards each other and went to confront the crisis ahead.

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[ENG SUB] 长歌行 第6集 | The Long Ballad EP06(迪丽热巴、吴磊、刘宇宁、赵露思主演)

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  1. Manal Nadeem

    I think Hao du is zhao lusi's hero ….. Dont know why but got the feeling that he likes her from the start thats why he took that amulet ….. And i guess that he will disobey his evil adoptive father because of leyan in the coming eps ….. and i like him more then that wei shuyi guy ….

  2. TT

    WuLei's eyes expression is so damn strong!

  3. TheLastBloom

    Me skipping all the parts until I see zhao lusi and yu Ning parts lol

  4. Johnny

    The highness acts more like a father – maybe he is?

  5. Brigitte Sutherland

    That war horse was something else. But, where did it disappear to? Imaginative new take on the anticipated twirl which is a prerequisite for every romance in the making. She's a handful.

  6. Jocelyn Leung


  7. Ivy Bibs

    Please next

  8. Cristina Ye


  9. Hisame Kanvamchi

    Legenda em português ou espanhol. Por favor

  10. Kathelyn Suarez

    I like to watching zhao without her too boring. Only zhao suite will funny and sweet romance moments

  11. Winn Winn

    9:20😂😂😂😂😂😍😍 keep going like this please.

  12. Shu So

    omg, please don't "accidentally" bump into each other every 10 minutes in every episode. Can the writer put more thought into how to make them meet?

  13. Jane Ferreira

    Por favor coloca a legenda em espanhol ou português adorei esse dorama muito emocionante e apaixonante

  14. Elvira Quiñones

    How many uncles are there???

  15. aafa noor

    me to like chemistry between them

  16. Marjorie De Asis


  17. Britney Murataya

    Has no one noticed the dude at 25:16 on left middle screen it looks like there’s one of the crews wearing a blue mask and hat.😂

  18. shugla muhiatbek


  19. Era Muneer

    How many are waiting for them to Kiss😍😍

  20. Rosa Marlene Avila

    Me encantaria que estuviera en sub español me encantan los dramas de épocas está muy buena

  21. ericesther bortey



    41:12 i think later on both of them will fall in love with each other…remember when the bad father told him to not have affection for any body and i think he will surely have affection for the princess and then turn to be a good guy. I also think is not a bad person he's just following is wicked father order.(i don't know maybe am wrong it's just an intuition)
    By the way i love dilreba she's such a good actress i love her character and i love how the writers portrait her as a smart badass

  23. Y C

    Why do they have to dumb her down like that. So frustrating. She’s the MC but they never let a FL be smarter then a ML

  24. Ruby Salhus

    Leo and Dilireba are really aceing their roles, powerful acting from both of them second leads aren’t bad either xxxx

  25. Bhabani Mishra

    Waiting for ep 7

  26. Novelyne Bagtang

    Next episode? 😧 ,
    Can't wait.